The Biggest Accepting Change Mistakes Most Enterprisers Make (and How To Avoid Them)

If you’re one of those enterpriser’s, entrepreneurs, go-getters who is excited to streamline being a good parent and business owner, then here are 3 accepting changes mistakes (and how to avoid them) every enterpriser needs to know.

Which Mistakes Are You Making

Mistake #1: Not Having Balance

If you want to be a successful enterpriser, then hear this: thinking one is more important than the other, because depending on what season or time frame you are in, both are equally important to have to keep your sanity.

The most important thing enterprisers need to understand with this mistake is that frustration will set in really fast. Emotionally and mentally…figure out a way to do both so everything can be aligned during the day. If your working from home or still going into the office as of writing this article.

Balance with Family and Business Is More Important Than You Think

Enterprisers or entrepreneurs while being a parent can be a very tricky thing emotionally and you can’t neglect steering clear of this mistake because emotionally you will be torn between family time and the happiness it brings or trying to chase that all mighty dollar. Remember what you do now will bring different results later in the end.

Try to separate work time and family time so things are balanced in a way that you can have the best of both worlds. 24 hours in a day can go by really fast and doing one more than the others will put you on a course that can ultimately change really fast. Try to set a schedule, or a routine and manage it as best as you can. It will actually help you in the long run…especially when you need a break from either.

Mistake #2: Not Taking Time For Yourself

Here’s a simple mistake that so many enterprisers make. Here’s what I mean: everyone needs time for themselves if it’s just taking a walk to gather your thoughts or to bring out the best creativity in you for both your business and emotional well being. I don’t mean the time you are staying on the toilet or in the shower. Take some time for YOU, because without YOU nothing happens for both your family and business

Taking Time For Yourself

The most important thing to get understand this mistake is ..

You can’t neglect steering clear of this because if you do to be at your best having that time to re-evaluate and get ideas is detrimental to staying in the game (I mean that figuratively) Stepping away at times brings out juices in you that wouldn’t come any way else.

And that leads us to the fact that to avoid this mistake, you should take small breaks that work for you. Step away from the computer, go to the gym, take a drive, go window shopping, etc. Do what makes you feel the best and watch ideas pop through you like no other time.

Mistake #3: Not Enjoying The Fruits Of Your Labor

The big idea with this mistake is to stop and take the time to enjoy the small things and rewards of what you have been doing. I have personally made this mistake time and time before. What good is all the money in the world, all the success if you don’t spend the time (much warranted to enjoy).

Go out and enjoy what you been working hard for.

Bottom Line with this particular mistake: what good is it if you have the money, got that promotion, maintained a good relationship but never get to enjoy it with your loved ones.

Enterprisers need to understand avoiding this mistake spells the difference between success and failure because if you don’t… all work and no play calls for being lopsided emotionally, and playtime is the cure-all recipe for dealing with all the weight on your shoulders not to mention a huge creativity rejuvenator.

You should understand when it is time to take that mini-vacation, that walk in the park, and enjoy your surroundings. Take the time to appreciate what you have been through and be grateful not just for the fruits of your labor but for the actual journey.

It will amaze you how much faster you can get things done as a enterpriser just by understanding these 3 accepting changes mistakes and how to avoid them.

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