Get ready for the change!! Preparing yourself mentally

Alright you are still tripped out that you slept in a new setting, still tripping on the new technology that is out there. For me I had a phone that could talk to me in one hand, a ipod in the other, and still didn’t know what an application or app was or even this thing called Facebook.


Be prepared for changes in you and your mindset
Be prepared for changes in you and your mindset

The duty you have for the day is to get your paperwork in order and get things done. Half-way house gives you a bus pass to go out and conquer the world!!!…..Your new life is about to start and you start out by standing in line again. In your head you are thinking “I thought I was done with lines”. I still have a chip on my shoulder from being locked up so my overconfidence kicks in. Get to the window to get your pass and the monitor gives you a hard time, on what to do. Call in every hour from a phone to let them know where you are, only go to this destination, no going to houses. You are thinking damn it I have more rules to abide by, and those rules don’t apply to me. So you swallow your pride and just go with it. You step out of the half-way house a free person in your head but you are not. Enjoy the warmth of the sun walking with cars passing by and a feeling of elation or joy that you actually are doing this. You look at people, they see you, and the look on your face is just pure “FREEDOM JOY” if that is a feeling. Walking down the street to where ever you have to be, enjoying the ambience in the moment is something to relish. As I write this article I still have the feeling in my blood, and it’s been almost a year. You have the best feeling the world and it hits you ” I’AM FREAKIN OUT OF PRISON”, your incarceration life ends and the new one begins on this day…….It is a very big step towards your future, but now what. Every time you think something is just perfect you start getting crazy thoughts in your head. Trust me if you don’t think it will, just be prepared. I am a very confident person and the things I went through, even up to this point still wigs me out. I am just going to prepare you so at least you know someone got your back in this case. Remember you are a “FISH” now for the free world. Things change really fast, and if you don’t know how to adapt fast enough or get your priorities in order, things will get harder for you, in turn harder for you to cope with family, new friends, co-workers, bosses, and just a whole lot of shit.

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