What is the Real Talk Youth Program| Video with Gordon Wat

What is the Real Talk Youth Program| Video with Gordon Wat

Helping kids not make the same mistakes as I did, might save their life

Gordon Wat talks to at-risk youth for Real Talk Program

Being able to share my life experiences with today’s youth can surely help much more than what is at stake.  Myself and other motivated individuals have dedicated their time to bring real life situations so kids do not fall in the foot steps of our core group. We are dedicated to helping the community to change one youth at a time so that they may have a fighting chance of getting off the streets. Understanding that all it takes is to make one bad decision that can change a life that can effect others is our goal to help.

What is the Real Talk Program?

Real Talk is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and consists of present and former federal/state offenders. Each month we host our free “Change One” meeting for all youth ages 8-18. During these meetings we seek to enlighten, encourage, and empower at-risk youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.
Real Talk members are dedicated to changing the lives of youth. Their mission is  to assist our next generation with achieving their hopes and dreams, to build character, and to assist in helping them to reach their full potential as responsible citizens and future leaders of tomorrow.
It takes the support of the entire community to make a difference in a child’s life. With your support, our goal is to offer participants extra-curricular activities at no cost. The founder of  Real Talk believes that without opportunity there is no change. Join us in our mission to bring a better future to kids in our community.
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