What if I Can’t Afford to Actually Start the Business? I say Why not

What If I Can’t Afford To Do This Business?


Have you ever heard someone say “I can’t afford to do this business!

It’s a common response by many people when looking at a home business.

Do you think that is the real reason?  Of course not!

The real reason people say this is that inside they feel as if they will not be successful at a home business.  You see no matter what the start-up costs for a business…and ALL businesses have start-up costs….people have one thing on their mind.

Can I do it!

Most people initially self-doubt themselves.  They are not sure they can do it.  So how can you help someone to understand that they CAN do a home business?

First… it starts with showing them examples of real people just like them who have become successful in a home business.  Let them hear the stories and see the success of others.

Second…show them something THEY CAN DO.  Give them a system.  Something so simple that a 5th grader could do it.

Once you an answer these 2 questions, people will almost always find the money to get started….no matter if it’s $40 to $4,000.

If people want something bad enough, they will usually be able to come up with the business start-up costs.

The great thing about the Internet is you can get started in a business for a low as $40 these days!  Think about traditional businesses… to start a franchise it may costs you $500,000 and then MAYBE in a 2 to 5 years you might make a profit!

With an Internet business you can get started with very low start-up costs and the sky is the limit!

If you are looking for a business where others like you are already having success and there is a clear SYSTEM to follow that is simple and works, check out the video below

 Watch This Video

…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.


joel peterson & myself






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