What Chances Do I Need to Take Before Living a Fruitful Life?

DAB0Nrgb7kcWhat Chances Do I Need to Take Before Living a Fruitful Life?

People live in fear all the time of what not is to come. Understanding that they are comfortable in their life and many don’t take any action on their dreams! Sure there are many ways to talk yourself out of it…I see it on a daily basis when talking to people that are in their current bad job, don’t have a direction in life, or just plain don’t want to do anything.

Life is not all about unicorns and butterflies but having to be able to make some changes towards those goals takes some sort of chances and choices that can propel you into your next level of life, regardless of the opposition…which 99% of the time is you.

Is There Time For A Second Chance to Change?

Now speaking from experience, there is and always will be many times you can change and the chances to do so are always in the air floating around like bouncing balls. Pick one hold on to life and see where it takes you. No matter what your situation is in life right now, let go of the past and figure how can you change to become a better you for your family and yourself.

It is easier than you think if you do want to change your financial situation, your relationship, your job or whatever. Remember life is way to short to try and think it will get better for you without looking at change. Changing can give you a different set of values, a different sense of the world and all its beauties behind it. But you must first look deep into the mirror not just the exterior or the physicality, but deep past all those layers of what you show your friends. Are you happy with the REAL YOU, or the one you put out to your friends?

I know the struggle is real, and I know what can change you in an instant…
Because I have been in your shoes and much worst.

-Gordon Wat

"Invest in yourself, but never be by yourself"


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