Use a small amount of time now, to do greater things later in the future

How The Slight Edge Can Change Your Life

Have you heard about “The Slight Edge”?

This is the principle that small things we do in our life (both good or bad)…done over a long time can lead to monumental change.  There is a great book by Jeff Olson called “The Slight Edge” that I highly recommend you read but let me give you a few real life examples to explain.budget_your_time

Earlier this year one of my mentors decided he wanted to lose some weight… in fact it was January 1st when about 99% of the rest of us want to as well!

Instead of doing the usually diet or joining a gym, he decided to use “The Slight Edge”.

Here is what he did…

You see with the slight edge, the small choices you make in your everyday life really do add up over time.  So the basics of losing weight are to change your diet…change what you are putting into your body.  Where most people fail is they try to go cold turkey and do drastic changes.

Instead he decided to make “Slight Edge” changes.  Instead of bacon for breakfast, he had turkey bacon.  Instead of cold cereal he had oat-mill.  Instead of eating two eggs for breakfast he had one.  Instead of a large glass of orange juice, he had water and ate a whole orange.

At lunch time if he had to eat fast food, he would try to go to Subway or a place that had better options.  He would get a 6 inch sandwich instead a 12 inch, and would leave the cheese off and choose a low-fat dressing.

He would make sure that if he had a snack he had a healthy option.  Less butter on his popcorn, more water instead of soda.

He started exercising and started with just a mere 5 minutes a day…just a quick swim in his pool.

All of these choices were very simple to make, didn’t take a whole lot of effort and to many may seam inconsequential…. but added up over time can make HUGE differences.

His results?

Within 6 months he lost 35lbs!  He was eating healthy food and he liked it!  He could now swim 30 minutes without stopping!

So what do we learn here?

1. Small choices do make a difference

2. It takes time to see the results… months even years sometimes!

Let’s look at another example. ( Real Life Example, that most  of us are in )

Say you are tired of your job and you are stuck in the “Rat Race” and you want a change.

Do you do what most people do, find some opportunity…try it for a week or a month and then quit because you are not making 10K a month yet?  Believe it or not it sounds silly when I say it like that but that is EXACTLY the trap that many people fall into.

If they only understood the power of “The Slight Edge” they could reach those income goals and have everything they ever wanted in life.

To practice the “Slight Edge” in a home business one needs to apply consistent activity (the right activity I might add) over a sustained period of time to have incredible results.  I’m not talking about working an extra 10 hours a day.

I’m talking 30 to 60 minutes a day…time that most people spend watching TV and wasting time…instead apply that time with small consistent business growing activities and do it for a sustained period of time….2 to 4 years.

That is the formula for long term success.  That is the formula that allows a person to walk away from the day job and start a new life.

What better place to turn than the Internet?

It allows you to maximize that time and your reach and influence.  It’s a perfect companion for those wanting to take advantage of “The Slight Edge”.

If you are looking for a “Slight Edge” business that you can do online.  One that can make a real difference in your life…check out the video below and see what I’m doing to get the “Slight Edge” in my life…

All I have to do is budget my time just a little everyday. Read couple pages of something that can change it in the future, watch a webinar on a how to, learn from other mentors that are successful, copy them….little things like that will measure up over time exponentially. I guarantee it! After a while it will become second nature and a very good habit. The hard part is to get started and take the action. Half and hour a day on this, 15 minutes to email, 20 minutes to post something. In time you would have logged in many hours in a month and gain confidence and that is what you should be looking for in yourself and for your business.

 Watch This Video

…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.


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