Stop Tripping Over Pennies…INTRODUCTION

Stop Tripping Over Pennies :Introduction

Having a good Foundation

Everybody has seen pennies before. What exactly can it do for you if you read on, can drastically change your life.

I first want to thank you once again for reading this book, or blog post as it may, because this should be the start of a beautiful relationship. I do not only see this as a relationship between you and I, I also see it as a way to go deeper within for a better understanding of you. Me – I am just a regular guy that has figured out a few more things than the average Joe because of the situations I put myself through. The path I took allowed me to discover that I needed (and wanted) to change my life by 180-degrees, to get where I am at today. If you too are ready to change, this book may hit that core in your soul (or gut) and help you discover that person you have always wanted to become, no matter where you are right now in life!

Since you have gotten this far, this proves to me that you are truly serious about introducing change into your life, and not just someone who is okay with where they are today. For that, again, THANK-YOU!

With that all said, I am going to start with who I am and the purpose of this book, post, blog or whatever they call it these days, depending on where you are when reading this.

Before we get into it, I want to make you a few promises…a past mentor of mine liked to use the phrase “setting the table”.

FIRST – I am going to do my very best to keep this book straight to the point, minus all the BS out there. You know the fluff and filler that most people use by saying less with more words. I have a lot to share and am putting this down on paper (so to speak), or on a post, is going to be how I truly feel with some facts and experiences.

SECOND – I am going to be 100-percent honest with you. This may make some people uncomfortable and you may not like my straight forwardness. I am not going to completely censor myself because the politically correct crapola is really not part of my core.

At the time, I am writing this, there are shootings in Florida and one of the most controversial presidential elections is going on strong. Along with all that, there is so much BS going on in the world right now with violence, pollution, lack of jobs, not enough of one thing or another, and all you hear from the news is chaotic crap that is not really helping anyone or thing, and I’m just tired of hearing it. Shootings are becoming more common now and it seems we are always being put in a situation that we really want to avoid.

I am going to be 100-percent real…in fact so real that it might just scare you. I talk straight stuff at a program called “Real Talk”. This program helps those at-risk youths get experience through stories I share because I get to speak first hand telling them the facts and letting them know this is as real as it gets. Even though this book has been cleaned up a little, like spelling or some grammar to make sure I get the point across clean, I believe I shouldn’t change it up too drastically just for you because it needs to work for the young people as well as it should work for you. My intention for this book is to impact everyone that can read it in a way that inspires and creates a positive change in at least one life…or the world! It’s for the individuals or groups that want to make a difference.

Now I won’t go into the full-blown details of my life story because I don’t want to bore you with everything. I will give you the juicy bits and pieces about my more interesting situations, some past drama relative to a part in the book, or what some may consider poor choices…THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU! I want you to know how together we can break the cycle of bullshit choices like, addiction, poverty, broken homes, being mother or fatherless, criminality, and being addicted to losing. Because in the end, the ones that choose those paths, are not happy and will not have any fun!

Yes, I do have a job! and the more reason to actually stay tuned,
Gordon Wat


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