Stop Tripping over Pennies…Chapter 1 Edited

Chapter 1 . Numbers Never Lie
While writing this book LeBron James just did the impossible by coming back from being behind in the series for the NBA finals. Now I am not a huge basketball fan, but to watch someone go through that and prevail is historic. I can appreciate the dedication, hard work, pain, sweat, and tears, both emotionally and physically. The process shows the world that anyone can do anything no matter what the odds are.
One game at a time, one quarter at a time, one hour at a time, even one minute at a time. Having the drive to do anything one step at a time and understanding the process is what will make it special.
We live in the most incarcerated country in the world. There are more people under some sort of department of corrections control, than there were under slavery in 1850. Now don’t you think that is absurd and crazy! How do I know this? I was, as of the writing of this book, still under the thumb of the U. S. Court system. Jail and prison is modern day slavery.
At one point in time the ideal job in Hawai’i in many people’s opinion was to work for the City & County of Honolulu or the federal government. Job security was important and doing freeway landscaping, road repairs, trash pick up, and maintaining community parks and recreation centers meant job security. Today, many city employees have been replaced with prison workers doing the same work either for free or pennies on the hour. How do I know this? I have done it. Despite state funding cutbacks those jobs still needed to be done and the cheapest way was making us work!
Work detail was actually a privilege because you felt like you were getting things done and not sitting in your cell 23 hours a day. Most of the time you would work in the jail or prison with correctional staff or go out on outside detail. I have done both for the state and Federal Bureau of Prisons. If you were fortunate enough to get an outside job you had it made.  Even though you did manual labor, the prison staff usually would treat you well. They knew you made mistakes but did not treat you like a caged animal. Yes, I have weed-wacked the side of the freeway, cleaned up beaches, and cut down trees. Having the freedom out of your cell and out of the facility was all worth it!
Being able to help more and more people with the process of changing is going to be my life long purpose! Up top is the the edited version and would love to hear your comments before publishing! this is just brief trailors of what is to come!
“I finally understand my purpose! Just maybe I can help you find yours”
         -Gordon Wat
"Invest in yourself, but never be by yourself"

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