Stop Fear Now

Stop Fear Now

Stop Fear Now

Take a Leap of faith

I’m convinced that fear is one of the worst things in life. Think about all of the negative ways that fear affects your life. Think about all of the decisions you make or do not make because of fear in your life. Or think about the risks that you do not take or the relationships you do not pursue because of fear. You would do well to take a good look at the fears in your life and to attempt to tackle them head first until they are no longer fears.

In my own life, identifying specific fears was the first step for me to getting over my fears. I took a few hours and made a very long list of the things I was afraid of. I included the biggest fears I had all the way down to the smallest, most insignificant fears I had. I would encourage you to take time to do the same thing. It may seem like a strange task, but just think about the freedom you can live in if you learn to overcome your fears.

I was amazed as I wrote at how many things were holding me in fear and affecting my life. One of the fears that was affecting my life the most was my fear of actually jumping out of an airplane!!. I knew that I was afraid to jump out, but overcoming that fear same as in business can hold you back from a lot of things. Fear of writing an email correctly, afraid to make a video, afraid to just get in front of the camera….even though you need to do it.

The process of recognizing my fears became frustrating and maddening to me as I added up all the ways that fear had stolen life and opportunities away from me. Can you think of ways that fear has hindered or kept you from living well? If so, you need to make a serious effort to stop those fears that are affecting you. If your list of fears contains any that are easy to overcome I suggest that you start today to do what it takes to overcome those fears. Make that video you have been putting off, (bloopers are fun) and you can use them for your campaign to show you are a real person. Get on that webinar replay you have been putting off, you got nothing to loose but everything to gain.

My advice to you is simple: stop fear now. Do whatever you can to stop letting fear rule your life. You will be much happier and much more free the less fear controls you. Hope this gives you motivation to Move forward with What ever you doing TAKE ACTION!!!

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