Start new Habits for 2014

Close out 2013 and welcome 2014Happiness, gratitude and even success are a choice. A choice WE make. A great way to launch your new year is to close out the old, and set some powerful patterns and intentions to move you forward.

The end of the year is a perfect time to do this. I like to close out the year in a very scheduled, specific way. I actually block time on my calendar to do this in a very thoughtful, organized and  HONEST way.


I love doing a good end of year close out, to acknowledge, appreciate, adjust and anticipate. This releases me from any leftover baggage from what I “didn’t do” and allows me to acknowledge and appreciate myself for what I did do.


This year, I want to introduce you to a slightly different way of closing out the year. Let’s toss out the old regime of mindless goal setting, which often involves nothing more than regurgitating last years unfinished business and goals.


Have you ever done this and come away totally UN-inspired about the task at hand?


Sometimes, we come away from this feeling badly about ourselves, our year in review and what lies before us. Sound familiar?


You know what you want, right? And you want it BAD.


You have aspirations; you have hopes; you take time to write down what you want, and maybe even plot it out. Perhaps you’ve created a bucket list?


You might even feel a deep seeded craving for what it is you want. Do you feel it, taste it, dream about it?


So you make a plan to get it. The top notch A to-do list. You set Quarterly objectives. you plan a Strategy. you set up Accountability. You write down the goals. Except . . . here’s the thing, perhaps the missing piece…


It’s not the goal, really that you are actually chasing. Is it?

Here is to your success…..Gordon Wat

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