So you wanted to see me Jump!!!!

So you wanted to see me Jump!!!!

So you wanted to see me Jump out of a perfectly good airplane to get over my fear. 

Now certain things you do in life will effect other things down the road. I am always looking for the big picture when doing things. Let me ask you this question. Do you pick up the 20.00 dollars that you found at your foot and call it a day? or do you work hard at things to get the 1000.00 at the end of the road?
One of the worst things people do that hold them back is let fear get in the way of their progress. Where am I going with this? Sure you might be thinking I cannot do all this video stuff, making emails, writing a blog post….it all comes down to fear of trying something new to gain traction in what ever endeavor you have going on… If you watched the above video. Sure it might be extreme, but I look at getting over things very fast. So I can take that road of success, and walk it through excellence.


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