Revealing my past, makes me an attractive character

showing flaws, can make you more genuine

I screwed up, royally! There I said it and I can admit to it. I can say that because I remember looking in my grandmas and parents eyes and could hear the emotion in their voices. I had gotten rid of my future to go explore a life of crime and addiction. A future that I threw away because of my total ambition for self gratification and chasing the all mighty dollar to cover up shortcomings I felt as a youth. I had actually left  college as a sophomore, but before that I had already graduated from being in private school since the age of 6, so I was mentally prepared for becoming an engineer. I got accepted into the best schools (UCLA, Notre Dame, & UH) but decided to take a break and just re-evaluate myself and find my direction first before going off to a big school. My . University was not simply my goal, it was everyone that was around me, I had the brains, the grades and ambition. My going to and completing university was their dream. Not mines….I wanted to drive my fancy car, and have money at that time.

My grandma’s and parents fear were increased to think that an university level was the secret to an effective career. My parents had actually given up a lot for me to go to school, and now I was– in their view– throwing everything away. To them it didn’t matter why I left school, yet simply that I left without completing, to become a criminal/addict. Couldn’t I hang around until college graduation? Maybe take a year to go “find myself”? However no, I was going all in to chase after some silly desire to become wealthy by the age of 25.  My conviction I felt to chase after that silly goal scared me and inspired me, the only catch it was on the wrong side of the law. Everything else felt less important. Seventeen years later, I look back and think I was insane.  Who drops out of college to become a criminal and start a company while not thinking about the consequences? I’m lucky to think back that I am not literally dead from a drug deal gone bad, or in prison for the rest of my life. As an alternative way of thinking, I think God sensibly let me struggle, fall and rise based on my very own initiatives.

If you have actually experienced a similar situation. You were challenged with a big life selection and chose. Even if you chose not to behave, you still chose. In those moments of candid courage when we fight the feeling of public failing and individual insecurity, we are the something a lot of people try not to be: We are human. I discuss my tale and the emotional state around it because– despite all the success and journey I’ve experienced since I left school– I occasionally question whether I made the right decision because adversities, troubles, and years later. Many individuals that are following my journey to success, or know me personally don’t understand why I chose that path. Technically I didn’t accomplish anything in the past 17 years, either. I guess I’m an expert on being a screw up.

There. I claimed it. However what I’ve discovered and what I propose you take into consideration is that being public about our failures, uppercuts and troubles to the chin makes us real. Discussing our insecurities and blunders helps individuals to relate to us and feel additionally connected. Any person can boast about excellence. It takes unbiased guts to publicly share the tough times between your high points, the less-than-stellar encounters that made you which you are. Sharing just how you made it through gives you depth and character– every one of which draws folks to you like a magnet. Will you join me and share a trouble or battle you’ve encountered in the comments part? Let’s be human and susceptible with each other, which allow’s us to show the world we have honest courage and integrity.

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Years of mistakes took me to this point


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