Retire in 2-5 years and live your life

Retire in 2-5 Years

Would you have an interest in retiring from a full time job in 2 to 5 years? I know, “that sounds crazy”, is what you might be thinking, but what if it were possible? Would it at least be worth 30 minutes of your time to learn more?retire

Did you know that people all around the globe are creating businesses online that are allowing them to retire in 2-5 years, just like I mentioned?

Now, before you click away, thinking this must be crazy; or some kind of scam, or ridiculous, “get rich quick” scheme, stay with me for a minute.

It takes a serious business plan; a serious commitment and a serious course of action, but then what “retirement plan” doesn’t, right?

Here are the key steps to focus on in order to accomplish this –

Determine the type of business you are going to build, and lay out a game plan to get it started and the daily action steps you’ll take to build it.

No matter what type if business you are building, you need customers, product buyers and/or team members to grow and profit. So, have a plan to get your business in front of a minimum of 100 people a month. Seriously, that is just over 3 people daily. Anyone who is serious can do this!

Track your actions and results. In your daytimer or a simple notebook, write down who you contacted about your business; what steps you took them through and what the results were. Empty calendar, failing business. When you do this, you will quickly identify why your business is succeeding or failing.

Pay attention to the actions steps and results from above and identify what works best and then do more of it!

Make sure every day you are clear on your WHY and what you plan to do that day to see the job through!

Success leaves clues; so does failure. Take action daily and create a business that truly allows you to retire from a job in 2-5 years.

And, when you create a business you love, you will never really want or need to “retire” from that!

Do you have a business already? Great, take action on it. If you are looking, I would love to share what is working for me.

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…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.


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