Ready to go job searching ?| Just got out of jail, now what do I do!


Getting ready to conquer to job market. Being ready and not wasting your time. But...

Getting ready to conquer to job market. Being ready and not wasting your time. But…

Here we go again, you have situated your resume, filled out your passes and willing to hit the road on getting applications to find employment. You got some descent clothes either from the half-way house, or went to a second hand store and got some cheap, that’s a good thing. Got your paperwork on all the jobs you want to hit or qualified to do, and ready to go meet people. The job developer has given you a list and you are off to get stuff done. It’s going to be a good day, your first positive thing you are going to do in years. All on your own!

First stop you get to the place and you ask for an interview or application, and you wish to speak to someone about employment. (All enthusiastically and ready to conquer the job market) Then these words come out of each person you talk too, “YOU GOTTA GO ONLINE”. I remember the feeling I had when they told me that. Frustrated, mad, upset because you just ran into another problem. I thought maybe it was just that possible place of employment. So you get back on the bus, and you already wasted valuable time just getting to that destination, so you walk and hit another spot. The same exact words come out of the next person, but this time they give you an evaluation sheet and then tell you to go online. Still being optimistic on things, you hit another job; even for a regular place like McDonalds…they tell you to “go online”. So now you have to re-evaluate your plan and have access to a computer. Damn it! You are frustrated, and you kick yourself in the butt for wasting your time, and you wonder if I can do this now. DON’T GIVE UP! THIS IS JUST ONE OF THOSE PROBLEMS THAT YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH. There are many more. I told you there is stuff you cannot foresee because you have been locked up for so long and you realize times have changed. Don’t worry I have a solution for you, and will show how it gets done. So the situation is, it’s already late and you have to head back before your curfew for fear of getting violated, so you head back. Sitting in your transportation you start to second guess yourself and things start to swirl in your head. Damn it what a wasted day you think to yourself. Don’t worry about those things; just gather your thoughts and figure out what your plan is to do next. I did, with many head ache and frustrations…it will work out, it just takes time to get back on the horse, and you can do it. It’s like I mentioned before, nobody explains this so just be prepared for more…..


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