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Some people equate mindset with attitude. And while your attitude is part of your mindset, that is not all that’s involved. Your mindset (your way of thinking) determines how you perceive things – is the glass half empty or half full? – and how you evaluate and react to the things you perceive.

Your mindset is built over time. All of your life experiences, everything you have thought about, all the things you have done through your life, build your mindset. So if you want success in your network or Internet marketing business, you have to have the right mindset. And if you check your mindset and find that it is not geared toward success, you can change it. You do that by changing your focus.

Your choice of focus makes the difference. Your brain can only think in one direction at a time. You can be thinking about good stuff or you can be thinking about bad stuff. It is a choice. If you are thinking about how things haven’t worked for you and all that’s wrong and the problems you have had and how everything always sucks, then you do not have a success mindset. But if you focus on possibilities, you will see that there are things you can do to change your mindset. You can learn new things. You can see life in a new way. You can build better relationships. And the five steps below can help you:

Be Confident

You have to condition yourself to be confident in making your business a success. Have a positive outlook. Believe in yourself. There will always be people who will tell you that your dream will never become a reality. Set you goals, write them down, and enjoy the struggle of getting to them. Things were not built in one day (Rome), (Michael Angelos art
work), What they all have in common is the goal they set for themselves and did everything they could to get to it…..its a process.

Be Real with yourself

It is very important to set realistic goals for yourself. If network or Internet marketing is something new for you, Set a time to learn, make content, and so forth. Don’t assume that you have to do this all on your own. If you do, you’ll just end up reinventing the wheel. There are people out there who have had great success in network marketing and Internet marketing. And some of them consider it their obligation to help others do the same.
Be Relentless

Your success will probably come slowly in the beginning. But do not let that stop you. Don’t even let that slow you down. If you want success you have to work for it. People will discourage you from your goals, don’t let that get in your way. They will say things to you because in reality they are hating that you are bettering yourself. Respect what they got to say and just move on…

Celebrate Your Achievements

Your achievements – no matter how small they might be – are important. Learn to appreciate your rewards, even if it’s just a $1 or $2 commission. It is only when you celebrate the small achievements that bigger achievements will come your way. And let others see you celebrate; it shows them that you are doing well and reinforces your motivation.

Find Inspiration

Read about other people who have succeeded. Pay special attention to how they fought against odds in their early days. Every successful person has done that. Listen to motivational tapes or watch motivational videos. Listen to them in your car, do what ever it takes. You will be surprised at how many successful people failed in the beginning. The one thing I found common is all of them and their stories is they never gave up and curled into a ball. They used it to motivate themselves and moved passed adversity.

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…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.


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