Motivation- The Art of Caring

Motivation- The Art of Caring


While it may sound strange, one of the key motivational factors for me is the knowledge that I am helping someone. This doesn’t mean I am disinterested in making money it simply means that my interest in helping others becomes bigger, than just making money online. Sure I like to make money! but helping others first and making sure they succeed in what ever they do, is why I do what I do…..

Something radical happens when you shift your focus away from the sale and place it squarely on the individual making the purchase. This will alter the way you conduct business, the way you conduct customer service and the way you interact with present and future customers. Most people just want the sale!!! In my opinion its not wrong, but I personally want to make an impression on why they are following me or my product? It doesn’t come to what they are buying they are looking to buy from someone that can take them by the hand, and show them the most convenient and less time consuming way possible.

When you connect with individuals either online or through an  business you may likely become a solid connection in the midst of personal need. I don’t mean that in a negative way, I simply point this out because the Internet has become an unlikely place for individuals to connect with others in the midst of personal isolation, or in business. With all the strain on social websites it is easy for a person to connect, and not feel isolated with all the different groups out there….The real question is why are you in this group...SIMPLY for support, and the caring of others. Sure it might be sales on an affiliate business but people join and really want to know what will you do for me? How will you help me is the cry for help, and bringing value to ones life can ramp your sales up 100 fold.why_do_i_care_so_much

You business can have a profound influence in assisting your site visitor. If customers already feel isolated, your genuine caring will speak volumes. Caring for the individual and what their needs are bases on why they are there in the first place!! Plain and simple, if you can tap into their WHY they are looking at you and your business…things get much easier.

Interestingly the standard brick and mortar sales approach will not work very well online. You are only given an interactive voice if the consumer requests it. You will not have the same ‘close the sale’ potential that face-to-face interaction will allow.

The best alternative in online business is to realign your motivations. By placing the customer first, last and only, you will discover a greater level of loyalty and a quicker level of trust in your products and services.

Understanding loneliness and adapting your online business to really reach out to consumers may be the best business advice you will read today. Don’t take my word for it, bring value, motivation and encouragement will bring you more success…

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