Marketing yourself is like this old Movie

Are You Ready To Snatch The Pebble?

Did you ever watch the movie Kung Fu when you were a kid? If you don’t then sorry for exposing my age! LOL  If you were a kid in the 1970s there is a good chance you did. At the beginning of the show it shows a young Shaolin Munk teaching a young boy Martial Arts.  As he goes through is training every once in a while he holds out a pebble in his hand and tell the student…

Making Money from home is the same in this picture..Get it?

“When you can snatch the pebble…it is time for you to leave.”

The student tries but fails to snatch the pebble.

Time goes boy and the boy gets older and more skilled in martial arts but still fails to snatch the pebble.  Till one day a few years later as he has matured in both his skill and wisdom tries one more time and snatches the pebble.

His Master says.  “Very good…now the student has become the Master and it is time for you to leave.”

So have you ever wondered why you may be struggling to figure out this whole Internet Marketing thing?  Maybe you are beating your head against the wall because you just haven’t been able to make it work yet.

Are you ready to “Snatch The Pebble”?

So remember in my story, the young student tried and tried but failed.  It wasn’t till he was older, wiser and more experienced that he was able to grab that rock!

I’t the same in YOUR Internet business.  Very few people ever start out and can “snatch the pebble” when they first start.  It’s takes time, dedication and hard work to get to your goals.

To many times we just want a quick fix.  Suppose in our story the Master has let him snatch the pebble and then let our young student go off on his merry way.  I think you can guess what would have happened.  Kung Fu probably wouldn’t have lasted more than a few episodes!

So what do you need to get onto the right patch so you can eventually snatch the pebble?  You really need 3 things.

1. The right MENTOR
2. The right TRAINING
3. The right SYSTEM
4. The right TOOLS

There is one more thing you need…

A BURNING REASON TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!  I also like to call this your “WHY”.  The whole reason you are doing this in the first place.

So now you are asking but which mentor, training, and system should I follow?

To that answer I can only say this…

“Look for the true results and you will find it.”

Many of you know that we launched Simple Money System in July of 2013, and Pure Leverage right before that.   Since then over 50,000 people have grabbed their account.

Some of those people decided to “Snatch The Pebble” and really go to work and I’m happy to report that we have case study after case study of people on the patch to great incomes and some who are already there.

Lake week my mentor’s network of customers and affiliates grew to over 1,000+ which has created a 6 figure a year income for he and his family.

…and we are just getting started.  I have HUGE goals to help many many people “Snatch The Pebble” this year.

So if you are ready to check it out and take action just watch the video at the link below, go through the information and then take action.  If at that point you are ready and wanting to take action… then let me mentor you.  You will get my personal contact information when you create your account.

This is your opportunity to “Snatch The Pebble”.  The Mentors, Training and System are proven and work.

…Now it’s up to you to take the next step.

Gordon Wat on to make his millions...AGAIN
Gordon Wat, has snatched the pebble out of his masters hands

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