Making a Decision Based on your “WHY”

All of it Starts With a Decision

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Decisions are effective. We think of things, we do things but let me ask you this? Is there a why behind it all? Well thoughts are great and powerful, but powerful decisions are basically based on WHY we do things. It doesn’t matter the what we do, or the how we do . We make excellent decisons and also bad decisons. Effective and also ineffective ones. The terrific thing about it is we can take precautions to avoid versus making bad decisions.Start with Why

Great choice molds have terrific decision molds as pals. They ask the suggestions of those who have been where they wish to be. It is similar to an individual that is lost in in an unknown area. If you were lost, wouldn’t you ask directions? I know I would surely would!! Just to get the correct feedback for my answer, but I ask myself in business every day, and all day what is my WHY? and you know what it seems to be working great…Why does companies like apple make such good products? It comes down to why they are doing it, and how they can create a culture to make a better place for us to live in…That is why things work differently for them from their competitors…Their Why is stronger than their how or what. Making that decision to move forward with your business will always and should be based on your why..

If you do not know if you are making an excellent decision ask someone which could give you direction. If they cannot answer you they are doing it, then you should move on because you will not be able to dig deep into why they are helping you.

If you intend to be a favorable person you need to make a decision to have favorable good friends. They could offer you favorable suggestions and you could learn how to be a favorable person from just being around them. So hanging around favorable people is a terrific preventative measure versus being adverse. I can show you the difference, because most successful people understand why people join the, then don’t push what, or how……

Understanding the why in this type of business or any type for that matter should be the utmost on your mind at all times, it produces better results for staying in the game and pushing forward. Determine your Why and the what and how fall in place…

Much proceeded good mindset success,.

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