Leadership…..Which one are you?

You never know when there’ll come a time …Leadership

A time in your life where you’ll be required to step up and lead.

Whether it’s to lead an army across a nation, a group of marketers to the ‘promise land’ of wealth & prosperity or simply to lead a small group of family, friends or co-workers to stand up against a single individual.

The point is; there comes a time in everyone’s life where leadership is required.

If you’re an entrepreneur or Network Marketer; leadership is one of the most important skills you can ever learn.

Just look at the most & least successful corporations in the world. Even individuals. The single factor that separates them apart is leadership.

A few hundred years ago, leadership meant the difference between winning a war and losing it (and still does to less of an extent). Just look at the countless events throughout history. Today, it often means the difference between thriving or failing; in business or your personal life.

The world needs more leaders. We live in a time where leadership is severely lacking, in everything from education to politics.

People always look for a leader. Somebody who will lead the way, someone with a vision, someone who cares enough about something to take responsibility and action in a better direction.

People follow leaders, simple and plain.

Whether your goal is to change the world or influence people to join your business. Leadership is one of if not the most important skill you can master.

So, what is leadership?

Everybody has their own idea of what leadership is, and it’s not something that’s easy to define.

Here’s my definition:.

Leadership is the art of INFLUENCING other people to act & follow towards a single vision, because they want to do it.
Leadership is influence.

It’s about creating an empowering environment that enables people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.

Leaders affect fundamental change. They empower people to take action, to get things done. They influence people to do things they want done, because the people want to do it. Leaders inspire.

When it comes down to it, leadership can be defined in one word: Influence.

Influence however, is merely a by-product of good leadership. You can influence someone without leading them anywhere. The two are not the same.

Why do you want leadership?

People generally have a lot of misconceptions about leadership. They think it will give them control, power over others and other god-like powers.

The reality is a true leader empowers others (gives others power), helps other people fix their problems and is here to serve people.

True leaders work for the common good, they’re not selfish. Now before you read the rest of this post, I need to make one thing very clear.

If you’re struggling, frustrated and not making enough money to cover your NEEDS– don’t be concerned about leading. You’re not ready for it yet.

Leading is for people who are already getting results. Once you’ve done and gotten results can you lead the way for others, the first steps are to do and learn– only.

Don’t be concerned about being selfish, once you meet your personal needs you can shift focus to the good & empowerment of others. Do and learn for yourself first, in doing so you set an example.

When you achieve great leadership skills, you’ll never struggle to get people into your business. You’ll find it easy to build your business.

… because leaders lead for the joy of creating something bigger than themselves. They work towards a vision, empowering others to do the same and people follow them.

Leaders lead others towards a brighter future through a single vision, because of their discontent with the status quo. They have VISION.

To really lead, you must be completely and utterly committed to your vision, willing to do whatever it takes. Leaders don’t leave things how they find them.

Results follow strong leadership. Where there are great results there is always strong leadership.

How do you cultivate or BUILD leadership?

I don’t know what crap you’ve been reading (no-pun intended), but leadership can be cultivated. I’ve seen it too many times to count.

Some people are naturally gifted with strong leadership skills, but it’s something that can be cultivated by anyone.

Being a part of the Network Marketing industry allows you to see this in action (ALL THE TIME). Leaders don’t generally join organizations; most leaders are cultivated within them.

Given the right environment and vision; leaders are always created.

Leadership cultivation starts by choosing a particular area of interest. People aren’t good leaders in everything they do. They’re better leaders in their own areas of interest.

If you’re building a business, that’s usually the best place to start. Businesses need leadership, people join leaders and they buy into their vision (like your products/company).

The fastest way to become a leader is to surround yourself with them.

Learn from other great leaders. In your own space and others. Leadership is part art and part science. The science part is actions. The art can be broken down into thoughts and mindsets.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to share what I’ve learned about leadership cultivation. For now I’ll leave you with a couple of ideas.

Leaders set goals and plans of action to achieve them.
Leaders learn from everything, they read books and associate with other leaders.
Leaders take action towards their vision, inspiring & leading the way for others towards a brighter future.
Leaders cultivate other leaders.
Most importantly, leaders maintain their vision and dreams until they achieve them.

A few hundred years ago, leadership meant the difference between winning a war and losing it (and still does to less of an extent). Influence however, is merely a by-product of good leadership. People aren’t good leaders in everything they do. Learn from other great leaders. Leadership is part art and part science.

Honoring those leaders for upholding our way of lives. Most people take it for granted…show a little appreciation and become a leader yourself

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