How to get the Sign_up

All of this doesn't work out if you cannot connect with the person you are trying to communicate with
All of this doesn’t work out if you cannot connect with the person you are trying to communicate with

The Secret of Getting the Sign Up

Nothing else matters in business if good sales and marketing is not being used,

This means that for you to succeed, you must master the skills of good sales and marketing. Now, don’t let that scare you – these are skills, and skills can be learned.

Here’s what you need to know:

First, it’s not about the product. It’s about how YOU communicate the product.

Keep in mind that your prospects #1 question is – what’s in it for me.

Answer this, and answer it well, and you have a winner! You’ll begin to get more sign ups and interest from people than you know what to do with. (Sounds like a good prooblem to have, eh?)

Most of us have spent our time caught up in the best product, killer compensation plan, slick marketing pieces, celebrity endorsements and such that we miss some key pieces.

The wealthiest people in the world have one thing in common – they know how to sell – ANYTHING!

Sadly, some words that have been over used in the network marketing and online marketing world are –

“It’s easy, the product sells itself.”

“Anyone can do it!”

Or, one of my favorites – “We aren’t selling, we are sharing!”

And, so on. Sound familiar?

You may be asking – “How do you get people to buy?”

The answer is simple – by giving them stuff they want! It’s creating a situation where people buy on their own – without you coercing, or over hyping, or any of that.

It starts with asking good questions – getting to know your prospect and what he or she is really looking for. Your prospect doesn’t care what you have to say – they care about what they need. So, focus on GETTING information and not GIVING it.

Most network marketers and those in online business operate in the reverse – they start talking, sharing how “amazing” what they have is and no one else can get a word in!

We do this because we have most often been taught – if we aren’t talking, we aren’t “controlling” the conversation.

Just remember this – people buy for their own emotional reasons, not yours

You can create some motivating factors for your prospect such as – emotional triggers.

Every decision, when it comes down to it, is based on an emotional trigger. People buy with emotion, and justify it with logic.

What is your prospect’s pain? What are they looking to create more of; or less of in their life? What can your product or opportunity solve for them – THAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR?

Make sure you are developing relationships with people as you go along, especially if marketing online. People will buy when they know you, want what you are selling and BELIEVE you!

Make sure you are believable!

Forget about fancy cars, big houses and “stuff” that most people look at and say – yeah, right!

Focus on truly getting to the heart of your prospect’s needs, wants and desires and you’ll begin to see many more sign ups come your way! That is the top secret to getting the sign up!

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