How to Approach a Mentor In Your Industry

Let’s look at how you should approach a mentor who’s become financially successful, how to work with them, and what you could learn.


As Entrepreneur pointed out last year, sometimes asking a mentor directly for help yields surprising results. Don’t feel intimidated about talking with an influential businessperson at a business canva-photo-editor-1convention or other event.

They frequently attend business conferences and take time to meet with people after giving lectures. Remember  9 out of 10 times started the same way.
Because you can connect your own values and integrity to the mentor you’re seeking, pick a social media platform, or a group. Try writing a blog and exposing it directly to the business leaders you most admire. They may tweet, private message back an answer that’s extremely helpful when you pose a question in a social media post or what ever platform you are using.
While you can get basic tools toward getting knowledge, what worked for one, might not for you.


Doing this approach lets the leader know you’re trustworthy and not out to be a free loader. A true mentoring relationship occasionally means giving back to one another, and you should pass on anything you know to your potential mentor in return. In this day and age, most mentors like to know what is the latest and greatest out there just for them to know also.


Despite asking for a potential mentor’s contact above, don’t expect this to work with everybody.

Successful, wealthy business leaders get hit up all the time with questions and requests for mentoring. Dominating their time is only going to make them think you’re trying to get something for nothing.
For some mentors, merely helping others succeed is enough for them to donate their time. When you approach them, you have to send signals you want to give something back. Even if it’s payment for valuable knowledge, the returns could become exponential. Either show passion or invest the time into getting to know what is possible.

Even though you shouldn’t monopolize their time, requesting contact info can sometimes result in continued conversations later. Just be polite and ask pertinent questions. Many of these business leaders frequently take time to give answers that could prove very valuable to you. They have the experience and fortitude to give you the direction, but behavior shows results.
This differs from someone who knows little about you or doesn’t understand your own life hurdles. Regardless, you still have to overcome how to find the correct mentor. Personalities clash, values are different and some are not meant to be.
In the chance various mentors come to you to offer their support, make sure they truly understand your venture. Giving a quick elevator pitch about your business, you can see whether their quick responses are overly generic or meaningful.
Successful, wealthy business leaders get hit up all the time with questions and requests for mentoring. Getting both of these in one is more rare, though it’s certainly possible. Finding the right mentor is like finding a good friend.
You can help this along by adhering to the goals your mentor sets forth. They may show eagerness to help once they see you have a good business idea aligning similarly to the industry they succeeded in, or same values.
A better approach for more elusive business leaders is to give them a sense of trust in you. Ask them if there’s anything you can do for them if you happen to converse with them at a convention.
In other words, to become a success, seek out successful mentors. Doing so, you get first-hand information from someone who’s been in the trenches and knows the realities. You also get someone who’s going to work directly with you and understand your own challenges.


Anyone who’s watched ABC’s “Shark Tank” knows that in order to get a major investor, you have to sell a good business idea. If you’re completely serious and committed to putting their ideas into action, it’s not much different with mentors who may only work with you one-on-one.
Sometimes a quick response from a renowned CEO can lead you toward more research that takes your career to the next level.


Another good method to reach top business leaders is to simply reach them on social media. Most of them have at least one social media account, either on Twitter, Facebook, or maybe LinkedIn.
By doing this, you get multiple opinions rather than one-sided input. The more perspectives you receive, the more insight you’ll have on what the business realities are.

There is no shame in asking for direction or what they have done to get to where you want to be..
It’s a challenge to see your business or investment venture from an outsider’s perspective. Having multiple mentors usually brings contradictions, which might sound negative at first, yet brings various insights you can combine. It is a called feedback, and that can be more valuable than anything else because of their experiences.
Rather than relying on books or seminars (both of which can get quickly outdated), working with someone in the moment helps bring immediacy toward career success.


As Inc. pointed out last year, you’re doing things wrong if you start a business with just one mentor. It’s worth considering hiring different mentors for each area of expertise you need toward making your business or investment successful.02fc79d8-e44d-40fb-8506-3bf10c1150b7
Sometimes all it takes is one simple answer you’ve overlooked to give you the push toward making the right financial move.
Finding ways to be successful and actually succeed sometimes have wide gaps, and it frequently has to do with lack of knowledge. While you can get basic tools toward getting there, what worked with one mentor might not work best for the other. Shop around, gain the knowledge and make a choice that works best for you.
Working with a mentor could also mean combining “Shark Tank”- like investors who provide capital as well as valuable information. Getting both of these in one is more rare, though it’s certainly possible. Hitting gold with this combination, it gives you a better chance of succeeding in an overly competitive field.

Finding a mentor with the same passion and integrity is a task in itself, but once you have good quality people! The heavens and doors will open up in more ways you can even dream of.

Inspiration*Motivation & Educating others is my purpose

Inspiration*Motivation & Educating others is my purpose

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