How do I get inspiration when doing my videos?

How do I get inspiration when doing my videos?

Where do you get your inspiration right now

I get so many questions about how to get inspired, and I titled this video Where do you get your inspiration right now, It is really simple to model someone elses video because they have had success. Look at what they say, how they made their intro, all different things can be done while watching others videos. I usually find that I can model their video or topic and not make it better. But I find motivation by just watching others stuff. Guess what it works! then I shoot my video with my phone and let it go. The more I make the more easier it gets and it ramps up my business. Does this sound familiar? sure it does….stuck and don’t know what to do? try it out and tell me if you don’t get inspired to try and shoot one. Using Business Labs Pro for my business has just made it easier because I see  many peoples videos on there and we all have one thing in mind………HELPING OTHERS!

Need to get inspiration right now?

If that didn’t help, maybe you can try and do this. Know what motivates you, return to your memories as well as think back when you were the most passionate about something. What was the typical thing that drove you to do something and didn’t stop? Did deep, when were you the most influenced by someone……These are the things that can make it happen for you when your feeling stuck…..
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