Home Business is like a Huge Hunk of Meat…”HUH”?

Your Home Business Is Like A Big Hunk Of Meat

Have you ever wondered why successful people are successful in their Home Business?

Well it really comes down to a BIG HUNK OF MEAT according to Joel, he is relating his home base business, in fact any business at all to a huge chunk of meat. I understand what he is trying to say, but do you understand what his message is. I had a email yesterday from a person interested but didn’t want to put in the time or money into themselves. I wrote back completely understanding the situation and like most people, including me in the beginning wanted to make money.
The minute I tried not making the money and taking the time to understand the CULTURE of the business and made it a point to help others gain the knowledge I understood what the business was all about. It is like how the video explains, follow a system, take your time and nurture your business like that piece of meat. The taste of the slow burn over the microwave is a perfect analogy for any business.making it happen


No serious…

Watch the video above to see what I’m talking about.

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