Happiness #6, What is your passion or “WHY”

Do you know what the one thing is that if you do it each and every day, you WILL see your business grow and move forward?
It’s taking ACTION – pursing your passion!
IF your passion is to create a business that provides a lifestyle and income for you that will help make your dreams come true, then you NEED to be pursuing that passion every single day!
When your why is strong enough, you will find that this is just not a challenge!IMG_0816 HERE IS ONE OF MY WHY’SAfter not seeing my daughter for 12 years, I got the opportunity to be a friend to her on a day, and she accepted me
back in her life……

Create the habit of pursuing your passion every single day; track your actions in your calendar or a notebook so you can begin to measure your success, and watch what happens! Things get much easier over time

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DSC_0553  Here is to your success…..Gordon Wat





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