Focus on “Simple Basics”

The Basics ARE The Business – Focus On The Basics

The top statement is so true when starting out. Take it from me personally. I tried to get everything perfect because I was looking for a PRETTY Blog, a perfect video and even the perfect email campaign. Yes it is nerve racking until I realized that I am human and that people don’t care that I have an ugly font, not bad picture or whatever. So for the past year I wasted time making things perfect just for my sake, but in reality I could have just put something up descent and let the system run. Sure I had to learn all this new stuff, especially after coming out of prison and literally learning a new life, (yes, I am not ashamed to say it) but, I embraced the struggles and kept pursuing through the bump stops and have made a pretty good life for myself. If that is not brand new, I cannot see why nobody else can do it following the instructions and dedicating  yourself. Read the article below..

Many times when a brand new person starts a home-based business, they think that they have to learn so many things before they can have success.  In fact it can sometimes be daunting.   They get caught up in preparing to do their business that they don’t actually ever get started.basics

Maybe they spend a lot of time going over all the advanced training over and over again.  Perhaps they are trying to tweak their website to get it looking the best or even spending all their time organizing their desk or computer so everything is just right.

…after doing these kinds of  activities for several months, they wonder why they are not making any money yet!

Ok lets talk BASICS here…

There is really only one question you need to ask yourself:

“What are the basic activities of my business that lead to producing income?”

Make a list of the actual things you do on a daily basis that will lead to direct income.  Now prioritize them and list just the very basics…the very core of what builds your business.

You will probably list the following:

1. Invite

2. Followup

3. Train

Everything else you focus on are not income producing activities.

For example when you Invite people to check our your products or opportunity, you are doing an activity that will produce income.  Do enough invitations and you will have sales.

The same with Following up with people whom you have invited…even more people will be interested when you do this.  If you don’t followup you will lose out on sales.

Train the people who get started to do the same thing you did…Invite and Followup.

These are Basics and will produce income…everything else is secondary.

Just focus on the Basics!

If you are looking for a business where you can focus on the basics, watch the video below…


…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.





Here is to your start…..Gordon Wat

Start with the basics and then make your mistakes, it is not the issue.
Getting started is the hardest part. It gets easier after a little while.

PS. Ready to just get started….YES, I’AM READY!!









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