First Day on the job….Keep your cool, remember your hungry!

first-day on jobHELL YEAH!!! This is the first day of your new life. Everything is in order and you make your passes out and ready to go. My advice for the new employee is to get there early, at least a halfl-hour early so you can get to know the job or observe what ever it is you will be doing. What I noticed right away is how people do things so that you have a jump start on what you will be doing anyway. You have been observing people all through your bid, so it will come easy for you. I noticed from being locked up so long, I noticed body language, hand gestures and even how people interacted with each other. Those are skills that will come in very handy in your job, but you have been locked up for so long you didn’t even noticed you acquired these skills. Use them to your advantage. Only people who have been ┬álocked up get one I am saying, you know if someone is about to take off on someone, or when there is tension in the air before it kicks off. Those are the things I am talking about, use them for you work.

Ok you already been there for a little while, and you checked out what the job entails so you have an idea of what you are going to do. Checked in with your supervisor, and he gives you the

first_day workbreak down of what you gotta do. The only thing is….that person is already giving you attitude or it feels this way. He may or might not be, but you need this job so you just eat it, its just your first day. The main objective today is to show that you are willing to work and you catch on fast. They have put you on probationary period maybe for about three months, and after that you can seal your employment. My encouragement is to get there early, learn the ropes, ask questions (don’t let your pride get in your way) and just do the job. Being responsible is the main thing, be honest if you don’t know what to do, and number one don’t loose your cool. I know, I have done it and flashed off once. People don’t know what you have been through, and frankly they do not care.They only care if you work, and can get the job done. If you do things correctly other opportunities will arise because of your work performance. Did I mention to you, that if feels good to make more than .12 cents and hour. Make your money, save and you will on your way

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