Final of the series Happiness #7

Just as practicing the art of gratitude will bring more to your life, so does the practice of giving, selflessly, with no expectation of any thing in return.
You know that saying – what you give out, you get back ten-fold? Guess what? It’s true.
The challenge for so many people is that there is a tendency to say something like – I’ll start giving and contributing more when I reach XYZ goal; or ABC income goal, or something like that.
It’s almost like an “all or nothing goal.”
However, if you will practice starting where you are, and giving what you can and growing it from there, you’ll be amazed at how much happier you will feel, and the lives that you will positively change!
Create the habit of selflessly giving to those who need your help with no expectation in return!



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Being Happy is what life is all about……Here’s to your success
Gordon Wat



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