Doubt takes you out of action, action takes you out of doubt

Doubt takes you out of action, action takes you out of doubt

Have you ever questioned yourself if you have what it takes to do your home business or any business at all?

Have you ever questioned the products you promote or the leadership of the company you work with?

What about the people you work with… have you ever questioned their integrity?

Have you ever questioned the compensation plan or your ability to make money in your business?

You know it’s perfectly natural to ask these types of questions from time-to-time but what can stop you COLD in your business is one word…


There is a difference between asking the occasional question and pure doubt that you can do something.

Usually I find that when people focus on doubt, when they focus on problems or their ability to do something, they usually stop working in their business or just plain quit.  The doubt got the best of them and they are done, out of the game and probably won’t come back.

Doubt takes you out of action.  It causes you to stop working.  When you stop working you don’t make money.  When you don’t make money you quit.

Now let’s look at the opposite.

When you take a lot of action in your business you start to have success.  When you have success you make more money.  When you have success you are able to help more people have success.  When you have success it makes you want to work harder and take MORE ACTION.

When you take action, you have success and this takes you out of doubt.

So what are some of the things you can do to TAKE ACTION that will keep you out of doubt?  Here are a few I recommend.

1. Get fully invested in your business.  Make sure you own all your companies products and are positioned for the most income.  This may take additional start-up cost but when you do this it shows that you are serious.  People that spend more money to get started are usually more serious because they have “more skin in the game.”

2. Get plugged in.  Make sure you attend all of your company and leadership calls.  Attend all events and know about all events that are happening.  If there is a Facebook group for your business make sure you are on it and are active.  People who are plugged in and attend calls and events are always take more action.

3. Have a daily method of operation.  Know exactly what you will be doing every day in your business and DO IT!  If you plan out your day, set goals and then track those goals, you will be in action and you will have success.  Just make sure the daily activities you are doing are money producing like inviting someone to check out a product or opportunity or following-up with prospects or team members to help them get started.

Those are just 3 things you can do that will keep you in action.

Just remember this saying…

“Doubt Takes You Out Of Action, Action Takes You Out Of Doubt”

If you are looking for a home-based business that is simple to do and will let you stay in action… check out what I recommend below.


…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online or what ever they got going on

Here’s to taking action and not doubting yourself
Gordon Wat



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