Don’t tell yourself anything negative, put something positive after ” I “

Be Careful What You Say After The word “I”

Have you ever said any of the following:

I am no good.

I cannot get that internet thing

I don’t have enough money.

I am not very smart.

I don’t think I could do that.

I am a failure.brain

Most of us have said or thought something similar to this at one time or another.  Perhaps you you say these things on a regular basis.

Many times we say thing kind of sentences in a halfhearted, joking kind of way but please BE CAREFUL!

The mind is a powerful thing and it is a proven fact that what you say…what you feed your mind will actually happen to you over time.  Many times they are called “I Am” statements and it works both ways.

Tell your mind that you are no good, broke, and a failure and you start to believe it.  Not only do you believe it but you manifest it in your life.

Tell your mind that you are successful, a kind person, wealthy and smart and guess what…

You CAN become any of these things because your mind will believe it and you will start manifesting the positive in your life.

Here is the problem though…

It’s easier to focus on the negative than the positive.  So you have to work harder to make the positive happen.

Part of working harder is writing our “I Am” statements down and reviewing them on a daily basis.  Post them on the mirror in your bathroom so you see them every morning.  Post them next to your computer so you see them constantly and actually verbally recite them.

Make sure you write your “I Am” statements in present tense….

For example don’t say…

“I am going to be wealthy”

This tells your mind that you are NOT wealthy yet.

Instead say…

“I am wealthy and never have to worry about money and bills”

So take a few moments and write your “I Am” statements right now.

Here are a few of mine I’d like to share…

“I am a happy and loving person.”

“I am a good role model to family and friends.”

“I am wealthy and use the wealth to serve others.”

“I am helping others to achieve what I have by starting a home business and helping them break out of the Rat Race”

…those are just a few of mine

So again be very CAREFUL what you say after the word “I”…most likely it will come true… both good or bad.

I’d love to hear some of your “I Am” Statements in the comments below on my blog.

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PS. Never say to yourself “I” and then something negative. I thrive on being positive and it has helped me get through the toughest times….Don’t say I can’t do it because others like you just got over that “FEAR”, its all in your head. Join me right Now!!

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