Do “YOU” Have the Ba!!’s to be DIFFERENT?

Do YOU Have the Ba!!’s to be Different

Having the audacity to be different takes some sort of guts on your part. Are you stuck in your current situation for too long? How about not making ends meet or living to paycheck to paycheck. I know I have done the same things and I thought to myself I have to take matters in my own hands and be DIFFERENT. Yes, in today’s industrial society we are taught to go to school get a job, go into debt for your education.

I say screw that!! has that gotten you anywhere? but stressing out about that payment…I know I am still paying for it right now as I write this blog post. Now I am not telling you to quit your job right now, but to work into something better. Trust me I am doing the same as you.

But I always had to “CAJONES” to be different and it has paid off in some ventures and others not so good. But I keep doing things different so that I may learn and fail to move on faster than the rest!

Being different in terms of dealing with others takes time, but when should you start?
When should you say enough is enough?
How about tired of taking orders…

The list can go on and on, but watch my video at the top and I will be bringing more of things that matter not just on a personal level, but to help others in the transition.

"Invest in yourself, but never be by yourself"

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