Do You Believe in Giving Second Chances?

Do You Really Believe In Giving Second Chances


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I have dedicated my subconscious every day to help people change. People ask me all the time why do you want people to change they never will.
My answer to that is, people can always change. ¬†All they need is a second chance or maybe even a multiple chances to figure it out. Why am I so passionate about change? The soul reason for me to help others in change is because I know exactly what it takes to make that jump or transition into moving in the right direction. Most people I talk to don’t understand how I went from a career criminal to the person I am today. Now understand I am no angel or do the things I do to atone for my sins, but if I can change………anyone can. The secret is just to start.

The hardest thing I went through about change is taking responsibility for all your actions. What do I mean by that, is stop blaming others for the situations you are in right now. The world will keep moving on, but the GIFT you have is how you can control your feelings towards that very situation when it does happen. Lets take an example of you getting frustrated at work or your business. Now your co-worker or client does not have your same vision and you start to force your personal agenda. Can you change the persons view or mind? Hell no, but………can you change yourself in controlling your thoughts which will change the behavior you show to that person. Hell yeah!

You have many chances to change yourself, think about that for a minute. Now how do I know this? I gave myself and others second chances! You thought this was going to be about a different subject didn’t you..LOL, well now think about how you can give others second chances when you deal with them with this new found talent of yours. Everyone is different but, giving yourself a second chance to close a deal, help others, basically doing the right thing can help you and others in a very positive way.

Giving people second chances including yourself, to make those changes can touch peoples lives. Want more stories and how I changed my life. Be looking out for my book in the near future.

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