Are you a Wantrepreneur or an Entrepreneur?

Are you a Wantrepreneur or an Entrepreneur?

Want to Find out if your a Wantrepreneur or an Entrepreneur

Ok so your asking yourself what in the hell is an Wantrepreneur? Well here is my definition of that term I just made up. You want an entrepreneur lifestyle but not treating your business like a business. You talk about it, you make like your the gods green earth that you know how to make money but don’t take any action. You sit on the couch dreaming of lifestyles of the rich and famous but not doing nothing about it. Sound familiar? Want to Find out if your a Wantrepreneur or an Entrepreneur, was something I had to get off my chest, due to the overwhelming people that tell me they want the life but don’t want learn, apply or even take the time to make it happen. Can I ask you a question? if your an entrepreneur what do you do to make it happen? You take the time to learn, watch videos, gain a mentor, or even jump into a business that you don’t know shit about. Sound familiar? Now if you stopped their but now ramping up your knowledge your a Wantrepreneur. Plain and simple…..Now you tell me  Wantrepreneur or an Entrepreneur

Now if you want to learn more about  Wantrepreneur or an Entrepreneur

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