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019The first page you come to is exactly what I meant when I said making a new life with changing your mindset and beliefs. !!

Yes, that is me on the left and hard to believe that was me. Long hair and a different mindset had set in after having had to survive in Federal Prison for 12 years. It took me a long time to get adjusted to being into the Pro- Social flow of things and just turning my attitude around to become a productive citizen of the community. Many hardships, turmoil and deep reflection had to be done to overcome to get where I am at today. But I survived and became who I am today, because of it.

Not knowing nothing about FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or INSTAGRAM  since it was not part of my culture when I got incarcerated back in 2001. Can you imagine not knowing what any of this stuff and actually was afraid to use it. Hows this one for example, the last time I used a computer to run my other businesses, NETSCAPE was the browser, and my cell phone was a nokia, that lit up! That is just to show how back I was in the field of this New world…!!

Can you imagine jumping into the online field of network marketing and social marketing with little or no skills what so ever? So it has been 2.5 years since getting out of the situation I was in, and now to say the lease, I am living the lifestyle I deserved while not being a addict or a criminal…….IF I CAN DO IT, I don’t see why if you want it bad enough you can achieve anything in life.

So if you are new to all of this I can assure you I know your pain and frustrations very well. Still I wanted the type of money I had before, but couldn’t go back to doing anything illegal for fear of going back to prison and nobody wants that……….So I decided to jump in head first into the online marketing game……chasing the same riches I had before but in a different industry……..guess what I chose? You guessed it? 

So the choice I had was a very simple one. Find something I can do that will eventually make me money similarly to what I had before and I stumbled upon a lot of people where making money from home and building a team.IMG_0892

I tried other affiliate marketing platforms, other networking groups and even weight loss products to sell. I failed in some and made some money in others. But there was still something missing that I was missing or not passionate about. I found out, that I love making videos and HELPING PEOPLE TO DO THE SAME THING……….

Since I had a business background and learned more about What it takes to make a good living online and dove right into the business of online marketing and what they had to offer.

I looked into a lot of companies over the past few years and I have really nailed it down.

I learned implemented, learned again and then taught others how to use the tools so that they can make a side income on the side selling their services that they learned to other businesses ( online or not) . Learning of the new tools, and basically learning how to use the computer again was very time consuming and taxing. The beauty of learning all of this new stuff filled a void in my heart because with these tools, I get to help others in their business and teach them how to use the platform, and either make a new life for the person I am helping, or take a regular brick and mortar business to the next level.


You see I have found my passion, and get to help people along the way. I actually fulfill two passions at the same time. I am in business for myself, I get to help others, I get to talk business and strategy with other like minded individuals and I am loving it. Learning and making people smile on how to save money, make money, and teach someone new things is what I am all about………If you don’t think I can help you from nothing to something in a few years, you got another thing coming.

IMG_0898See things happen for strange reasons, and since then I have been interviewed by radio, I have been asked to write a book, and been asked to tell my story on other forums and stuff, this has been all in a couple of  years of getting released.

See my goal is to help others first, and I have found out that is what keeps me going. Take a look at this picture and compare it with the top, and let me know what you think. That is a big transformation, don’t you think?

There are things that keep me going and helping others achieve their goals in life is what I do now, and if your confused about why I have this “Canvict” thing associated with my personal brand, don’t be alarmed. Because I am in the process of getting people to become “CANVICTS instead of CONVICTS”.

My theory is if I can help another person walk down the right path like I have, I have saved a LIFE! It is whom I have become, and don’t you think with all the obstacles I have overcame in my past, to figuring out this internet lifestyle with affiliate marketing who would be a better mentor?

Some people say I wouldn’t reveal so much, too me I like to be transparent on where I came from, because it has become my character as a leader and a student of life at the same time.

This has gotten me awards and criticism all at the same time…but wouldn’t you want a strong person with all my past failures to be able to guide you in the right direction?

I personally would rather learn from other peoples mistakes, and not have to experience them if I could.(speaking from past experience in my youth). I just want to say that if there is anything I can help you with, weather it is your business, learning the tools, or even just want to talk about a situation that I can give personal advice don’t be afraid to call or text. Read below to see what I tell just released people from prison and how I counsel others…

Heres to your success……and hope I can be part of your life through education and inspiration.

Sincerely Gordon Wat

Gordons Business Card


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  1. Awesome interviews and leader comments! Great Job Gordon, hope to be a great leader one day and help others achieve their goals too! It’s my turn to pass the Aloha!

  2. Hayn1 Yes my brother, it will take time, and dedication. You already have the drive now you need the guidance. I make videos daily, and had to learn all this stuff, but stick with it and you should be fine…..I am making new friends and other leaders are supporting me…ask me anything. I don’t care if you are with someone else, but it would have been nice if you we with me..but I’ll still show you everything.

  3. I don’t know who I’m under I just knew this is a great opportunity and want to learn as much as I can! If there is a way please let me know! I need all the help I can get! And can’t wait till you come home to visit to get hands on! What kind of camara you use to do your videos?

  4. Watch all the videos that is on the website, and I use an IPAD a regular digital camera, and my Iphone. I use my laptop with a program called camtasia. Get to learn and earn as you are going to go thru a process. Enjoy everything that you learn and then test it all

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