Everyone Wants a Way to Feel 10 Years Younger

Skin care – I like to call the “Niagara Syndrome”; it’s when people get into this tribal mode…the not so new term of sheople, or better known as “the herd”. We follow current affairs, current trends, current products, current fashions, current news, you get it…you might be stuck with it. Then as you are flowing with the current you have only…

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Stop Tripping over Pennies…Chapter 1 Edited

Chapter 1 . Numbers Never Lie While writing this book LeBron James just did the impossible by coming back from being behind in the series for the NBA finals. Now I am not a huge basketball fan, but to watch someone go through that and prevail is historic. I can appreciate the dedication, hard work, pain, sweat, and tears, both…

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Stop Tripping Over Pennies…INTRODUCTION 1.0

Book Introduction Having a good Foundation So I just want to tell you thanks for reading this book or blog post because this should be the start of a beautiful relationship with not just between you and me but with understanding yourself. I am just a regular guy that has figured out more things because of the situations I have…

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